Credit card debited?

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We assist you in your steps on your subscriptions contracted in error after an online purchase and you bring a solution as well as a real support. We act for you!


Do you have unexplained credit card charges from a site listed below? We will ask for a refund of the contributions paid up to 5 years.

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A customer service, based in France, is at your disposal to answer your questions and bring a service that meets your expectations. We look forward to helping you!


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Why your credit card is debited ?

By checking your bank statement you were surprised by an unusual levy from a site listed on top? So you're part of those millions of people who have subscribed in error after an online purchase.

How is it possible? Simply by accepting a commercial offer after an online purchase which consists of receiving for example a discount on your next order or a free delivery. This offer includes a free trial period that you must terminate in time if you do not wish to be charged afterwards.
Note that if a debit exists on your account, it is very likely that it is not the first one! Most of you have already paid from € 15 to € 1800.

How to get a refund? We will ask for a refund of the contributions paid up to 5 years and cancel your subscription in order to stop future debits.

They trusted us!

Prélèvements bancaires inconnus


"Following an online purchase I filled out the registration form without realizing that I was subscribing to a Cashback site. I have recovered all of my paid contributions through Cashback Assistance!" Johann.H Haute Savoie (74)


You can place orders with confidence. All your payments, even those paid by Credit Card are protected by Paypal. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption technology.

 Prélèvements bancaires inconnus  Prélèvements bancaires inconnus